Yeletech is building a platform to bring credible financial education content to the grassroot community. It’s dedicated towards educating, and exposing retails to legitimate financial opportunities on the internet. Basically, focusing on opportunities in the crypto industry, affiliate marketing and other financial technologies as it grows.

Over the next 12 months we will be embarking on a journey with ambitious Nigerian youths and will be expanding our programming aggressively until we deliver our promise and ensures that the information and strategy we share with them works for them.

Our teams operate at the highest levels of journalism, education, ethics and integrity to ensure that you have all the information you need to navigate every aspect of the crypto space, affiliate marketing, and other areas to make life changing money, legitimately.

Everything that we do is with community in mind and our core goal is to build the best community with you.

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As we pursue our vision, we realize that we need to be accountable to the community and the industry we talk about and as such, though not mandated by any law we adhere to the following code of conduct and ethics:

1. Transparency and Credibility at all costs.

2. Provide hosts and guests with a platform that encourages open, honest and transparent interactions.

3. Always provide credible, researched, up-to-date information.

4. Publish the research to back each call, highlighting any potential risks, holdings and conflicts.

5. Conduct reasonable background checks on any guest that is invited on any of our shows.

6. Never censor any guest or narrative – even if it doesn’t agree with our views (Unless the views risk our channel being de-platformed)

Olagunju Olanrewaju J.
I am a passionate entrepreneurship
blogger, Founder/CEO, editor-in-chief, and
Publisher at Yeletech. My sole
aim in creating this blog is to contribute
my own quota towards entrepreneurship in
Africa. I and my team are focused on exposing you to high and legitimate financial opportunities on the internet.

– Olagunju Olanrewaju J.

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