How to Flip NFTs for Beginners

How to make 5–10x+ flipping NFTs? Here’s the NFT flipping guide for all you beginners out there.

One of the best, most consistent ways to make money is to flip whitelist mints before the reveal. Couple of things to remember. You need to look out for hyped projects. The NFT project needs to sell out.

The project needs to sell out, no point in minting an NFT collection that does not have hype and won’t sell out. Grinding whitelists takes a lot of time, but it is one of the most consistent, profitable ways to make money off of NFTs.

A lot of the best projects allocate a large portion of their mints to whitelists (50%+). Going down the whitelist round route is the most profitable and consistent route. You can ofc go down the public mint route. That is riskier and you may get caught up in gas wars.

When it comes to public minting, you need to look at supply and mint price. If there’s like 20–40% supply remaining and the secondary market price 2–5x the mint price, you don’t want to mint it.
Be careful w allocation. You don’t want more than 5–10% of your total fund into 1 project. Following top NFT wallets is one way to get alpha. However, you need to be EXTREMELY careful while doing this. A lot of times NFT influencers are airdropped random projects.

Do not just copy their trades. Use tools like Etherscan and to make sure they actually minted it. Remember, you want the collection to sell out. Based on the current supply, you will have to predict whether it is going to sell out.

When I do decide to mint, I try to go for 2–3 mints, so that I can sell 1–2 when it moons and hold 1–2 for another pump. This is especially true for projects that seem solid or have a lot of hype. This allows you to hold 1 if it blows up.

Trading on the secondary market is way tougher. It requires you to be a lot more knowledgeable, the chances of losing money are way higher, especially if you’re a beginner. When you’re starting out, the best strat is to get a whitelist, mint presale and sell before reveal.

As you build up your capital, look out for low tier blue chips & undervalued blue chips. These are solid projects that have a great team and have demonstrated traction.

Getting whitelists has become harder & harder. It’s almost like a full time job. There are a couple of ways to stay up to date and not get lost in all the noise.

Follow good NFT people, watch what they’re using. Be VERY careful.
A lot of the times they are just airdropped random shit. Make sure they mint. Growing your twitter really helps. NFT projects are all about marketing & hype initially. They want people with big twitters to retweet & talk about them.

Using tools like, twitter hashtags, mobyinsights & etherscan gives you a lot of insight into what’s happening.

Source: CovDuk

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