Understanding DeFi: Web3 explained

Crypto has produced many buzzwords over the years. One of the latest ones to catch on is “Web3” — a term used to describe a decentralised version of the Internet that will run entirely on blockchains and cryptocurrency technology. While blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum were most frequently used for exchanging value over the Internet […]

$LUNA Crash: What Happened and Possible Revival Plan

The price for LUNA fell a mind-blowing 97.7% on the 11th of May 2022 following an arbitrage exploit for UST — an algorithmic stablecoin provided by LUNA, which de-pegged from its usual $1 price. UST reached a low of $0.2 before climbing back up to $0.61. The drop led the LUNA team to sell $1.5 […]

Sweatcoin: Can you Really Get Paid to WALK?

What Is Sweatcoin and Does It Give You Real Money? If you’re walking up a sweat, why not earn some coins while you’re doing it? Sweatcoin isn’t a true currency, but that doesn’t mean it has no value. Sweatcoin-real-money. It’s often difficult to get yourself outside for a walk or a run. Tiredness, lack of […]

How to Position for Metamask Airdrop

Metamask Airdrop is coming and we have been educating on how to be positioned for it. By the way, this is for those that are yet to do the needful, at least to stand a chance. This is not 100 percent guaranteed. There have been discussions on the MetaMask airdrop in 2020. Previously, a large […]

Metamask token confirmed: Are you positioned for the airdrop?

MetaMask token confirmed as ConsenSys receives investment from Microsoft. Ethereum software developer ConsenSys’ valuation has risen to $7 billion. This news is currently making the rounds after the New York-based company raised $450 million in its Series D funding round. But that’s not all, as Joe Lubin confirmed that there will soon be a MetaMask […]

How to Flip NFTs for Beginners

How to make 5–10x+ flipping NFTs? Here’s the NFT flipping guide for all you beginners out there. One of the best, most consistent ways to make money is to flip whitelist mints before the reveal. Couple of things to remember. You need to look out for hyped projects. The NFT project needs to sell out. […]

Understanding NFTs: A Beginner’s Guide

The NFT space isn’t just for selling and buying of arts. There’s the DeFi side of NFT trading, there’s the gaming aspect and a lot more you won’t necessarily know except you are told or you are a researcher on your own. That’s what will then lead us into today’s class. We will be teaching […]